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Friday, April 10, 2009

Kindling yet?

Well, I found this post on Gerrit van Dyk's Shaping Libraries blog very interesting because my library has just taken the plunge and purchased a Kindle 2. It gives some hope to library checkout of the Kindle, assuming that Amazon is contacted and allows you to do so (given the fluidity of their terms of service agreement).

We're not to the point of checking our Kindle out yet, but we're building to that point and choosing titles.

Is anyone using the Kindle at their libraries? How about the Sony Reader?


Orion said...

FaceBook has a group called EBook Readers in Libraries that I suggest you take a look at. You might want to join the group to post information about your library and to contact others who are working in this area.

Clever North Wind said...

Have you started to loan your Kindle out yet? What is the status of your Kindle program? Thanks.

John said...

No, we haven't started loaning our Kindle out yet, but we plan to do so when our fall semester starts. We've purchased about a dozen titles. We're still considering the mechanics of the whole thing - and considering adding an additional Kindle. Overall, the reading experience (which library staff are testing right now) has been excellent and we expect others will enjoy it, too.

Clever North Wind said...

Thanks for the info. Keep us updated. Thanks Again.