An introductory guide to library technologies, now in its fourth edition!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MaintainIT Webinars

I came across the MaintainIT Project when I was making updates for the third edition. There's a lot of usual information on the site, and this is something new: free webinars on a variety of technology topics: the 23 Things staff development project, an IT book discussion, and grantwriting for technology in libraries. Check it out!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Technology petting zoo?

Here's an idea for increasing staff comfort with new technologies -- give them a chance to play around with the technology! This presentation at Slideshare from Maurice Coleman and Annette Gaskins (they presented it at the Maryland Library Association conference in 2008 gives a useful overview of how to set up such an event, where to get the technology, and how to make it work. Great idea!

Oh - there is a lot more on this from a webinar archived at WebJunction. Check out their page here for a flash video of the webinar and a bunch of documents.

Top Technology Trends - ALA Midwinter 2009

Head to the LITA blog to read, watch, and hear the discussion of top tech trends from this year's ALA Midwinter. To be honest, I have yet to listen or watch it in full, but I do check this out after each ALA conference to see what trends continue to impact the library world and which new ones bear following. I'll chime in with my thoughts once I've had a chance to listen fully, but I thought I'd be sure to pass it along before I forget.