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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Core Competencies of Librarianship . . . What Role Technology?

Here's a post from the ADL Librarian blog that adds a contrary point to some of my thoughts on developing competencies, particular in terms of technology. The blogger questions the efficacy of projecting out what technologies will be in vogue five years from now, and then adjusting our training/education/etc. to meet the needs of that time. This point comes up in commentary on an article from the Medical Library Association News by Ellen Detlfesen, entitled “Are Library Schools Teaching What the Next Generation of Librarians Needs to Know?”

I can see the point - as the blogger notes, how often do our guesses pan out? But I still think it's useful to think about skills that will likely carry through the technologies we can forsee and the ones we actually end up with.

It looks like the ADL Librarian will be posting more thoughts on this article in future posts, so it's worth following.